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Home / Resources / News / Transeuropa Festival is coming back in October 2013

Transeuropa Festival is coming back in October 2013

2013 is the ‘official’ Year of European Citizens. European Alternatives has not waited for it to claim that it’s only by really involving citizens in the creation of a common and shared space that Europe can become sustainable and creative!

TRANSEUROPA Festival is an artistic, cultural and political event made by European citizens for citizens
TRANSEUROPA Festival has been for more than 5 years the first experiment of a truly transnational Festival involving citizens in its creation and realisation.

It bridges different spheres to allow for a more imaginative approach, coming from the artistic sphere and from more NGO or political background, involving migrants and excluded groups such as the Roma and homeless people. It proposes creative ways to think about Europe and become active to make citizens voices heard. 

You can read more on the Festival as a transnational mobilisation in an article written as an edito of Transeuropa Journal in May 2012. 

Are you interested to learn more about the 2012 edition of the Festival? 

Do watch the video of the Festival. It shows images of the Festival from throughout Europe and presents its approach and main realisations in 2012. You can also still consult the transnational programme on the 2012 Festival website


In 2013, the Festival moves to October to build on the programme of activities of European Alternatives and its results
For the last three years the festival took place in May. This year we decided to move the Festival to October, right at the core of the European Year of Citizens. This will allow us to involve even more actors than before. It will also be 6 months before the European Parliament and we'll be then in a position to set the tone for a more creative, inclusive and transnational Europe. We will be in a position to share most of the outcomes of our projects. 
  • The Citizens Pact, a process launched in December 2012, will have been lead to the drafting of a Citizens Manifesto that will be discussed all over Europe during the Festival during public, parrticipative and fun activities.
  • We will have prepared a creative and high quality programme that includes a cool transnational action in the form of a radio ballet we are building up with artists from 10 European countries. This project entitled SHARES started with an exhibition in Istanbul in January-February 2013 with the main thematic 'How to tell a story', with the participation of artists such as Dan Perjovschi and Imogen Stidwothy

If you like Transeuropa Festival, we invite you to also like its Facebook page on which we are going to publish regular updates! 

And if you would like to join its preparation, do join European Alternatives and come along to one of the local group meetings if there is one in your city or get in touch with your member representatives! 
Ségolène Pruvot
Transeuropa Festival Coordinator