• How has protest changed in the face of climate change?
    On the day of German-wide climate protests, in cooperation with the international literature festival berlin and activists of Extinction Rebellion.Read more
  • Join us in Berlin to shape our strategy for 2020
    On September 21st, the day after the third climate strikes in Germany and all over the globe, we want to open the space to share updates about European Alternatives plans for 2019-20, deepen relationships and exchange strategies for social and climate justice in Berlin and elsewhere. Read more
  • Support the new generation of activist working for a transnational future
    This summer we open the doors of the new School of Transnational Activism. Donate now to make it possible!Read more
  • Transeuropa Caravans: Where have we been so far?
    Four of the five Transeuropa Caravans have already arrived home, after an intense and thrilling couple of weeks on the road (the final caravan is hitting the road this autumn). See you in November at the Transeuropa Festival in Palermo!Read more
  • Charta 2020: A Charter of European Public Goods
    Charta 2020 is a vision for a democratic and egalitarian European Union and a demand to recognize 20 European public goods that would get us there. Charta 2020 is promoted by Agora Europe and has been collectively written by several dozen international activists and academics.Read more
  • Mapping cities of resistance, innovation and alternatives
    After long months of work, today we are finally launching  Urban Alternatives is an online map that has emerged from the cooperation between independent activists and researchers, and a number of different organizations, including European Alternatives.Read more
    Check out our public interventions on national media.Read more
  • A transnational magazine for politics and culture
    We focus on the most important trends in today’s politics, culture and society. One of our main premises is to break the artificial limits between politics and art by publishing written and AV content from the most relevant authors in the fields of sociology, philosophy, and art.Read more


We empower individuals, civil society and social movements to act in a coordinated way throughout and beyond Europe to imagine, demand, and enact alternatives and influence decision-making.


We stand for the principle of solidarity, we promote that the most advanced social legislations are extended to all European countries, we fight xenophobia, homophobia, and stereotypes.


We believe that social and political change requires artistic and cultural engagement as much as other forms of engagement, fostering a renewal of society not limited to any one domain or sector.

Beyond the Nation

The most urgent political, cultural and social questions can no longer be dealt at the national level: we foster transnational citizenship to restore to citizens democratic control over our future.

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