• Overtime - 10th Anniversary of EA
    In the framework of THE INDEPENDENT, European Alternatives co-organises with the MAXXI museum Third Time / Overtime, a project in two chapters happening over a day of debates and actions around the idea of EuropeRead more
  • 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome
    Over the past decade, European Alternatives has extended its membership, network and activity across the continent and beyond. Today, 10 years on from our first activities at the 50th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, we are joining and co-organising major events and initiatives in the city of Rome and work fervently to call together a coalition of citizens and organisationsRead more


We empower individuals, civil society and social movements to act in a coordinated way throughout and beyond Europe to imagine, demand, and enact alternatives and influence decision-making.


We stand for the principle of solidarity, we promote that the most advanced social legislations are extended to all European countries, we fight xenophobia, homophobia, and stereotypes.


We believe that social and political change requires artistic and cultural engagement as much as other forms of engagement, fostering a renewal of society not limited to any one domain or sector.

Beyond the Nation

The most urgent political, cultural and social questions can no longer be dealt at the national level: we foster transnational citizenship to restore to citizens democratic control over our future.

  • I was impressed by the enthusiasm of the young participants as well as the way in which they were 'naturally' Europeans, at ease in a complex world of multiple identities. I felt privileged to take part and make my contribution.
    Donald SassoonProfessor of Comparative European History, Queen Mary University, London, United Kingdom
  • It is exciting to work with an initiative that actively involves citizens around Europe in thinking creatively about migration. Citizen activism can be a powerful force to open up secretive national and regional practices to democratic scrutiny and debate.
    Jerome PhelpsWestern Europe Representative, International Detention Coalition, Melbourne, Australia
  • For me Transeuropa Festival was a wonderful way of connecting with people I would never otherwise have met, and feeling part of a wider European culture.
    Marina LewyckaNovelist, United Kingdom
  • People often are amazed how diverse and colourful is their city, region, or country. It is Transeuropa Festival which helps them discover it. Transeuropa invites us to discuss fundamental issues and encourages us to be active citizens of our communities. I am proud to work with European Alternatives building better Europe!
    Robert BiedronMember of Parliament and LGBT activist, Poland
  • If we believe that another Europe is possible, we need to propose alternative ideas based on principles of real democracy and solidarity, and this is precisely what European Alternatives proposes and enacts. It has been, is and will be a pleasure to work together with EA in all the organised actions. I hope Transeuropa Festival will be another great step in the promotion of a Europe of the people.
    Iker Barbero (University of the Basque Country, Euskal Herria)
  • Fascinating. What makes Europe so unique among other world regions? It is a serious attempt to bring popular sovereignty, constitutional democracy and transnational solution-finding into a common framework. European Alternatives is an essential contribution to make all this possible.
    Bruno Kaufmann(Falun City Government, Sweden)
  • I have followed the work of European Alternatives in recent years. I have been consistently impressed by the quality of their activities and the organisational capacity they have demonstrated, achieving important results with very limited resources. European Alternatives is an important step in creating a trans-European public sentiment and stimulating media and cultural interest around Europe’s present and future challenges
    Sandro MezzadraProfessor of political philosophy, University of Bologna
  • European Alternatives is a much needed transnational political actor giving a meaning to European active citizenship and the struggle for fundamental rights. I am delighted to have worked with the organisation on several occasions in promoting an open debate on democracy and the commons  
    Ugo MatteiProfessor of Civil Law, University of Turin, and Professor of International and Comparative Law, University of California
  • European Alternatives has been amongst the most effective, exciting, and creative acts to build a solidaristic and democratic Europe open to people and ideas. Its activists have been tirelessly organising events, staging creative actions, and through art and philosophy, calling forth European citizens to imagine and act together for an alternative Europe. The Transeuropa Festival symbolises and expresses all that is radically creative about European Alternatives and the networks they have been able to cultivate through European citizens from Sofia and Cluj to Belgrade and Bologna. If you want to experience the future of Europe now, look no further than Transeuropa Festival.  
    Engin Isin(Professor of Citizenship, Open University,

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