• Women's Voices in Macedonia
    We travel to Skopje to speak with four women, all of them active in Macedonian society, to discuss the #ISpeakUpNow campaign and what it means to be a woman in Macedonia today.Read more
  • People in the UK! This is our agenda for October and November
    Here are our plans for October and November in the UK so you can start arranging your agenda to be with us.Read more
  • Illusory Rights of EU Migrants
    Two years have passed since the Brexit referendum. But have EU citizens their rights secured? Talk Real travels to London and this is what we sawRead more
  • 'DEMOS', a documentary to meet the makers of tomorrow's society
    DEMOS, our new documentary directed by Berardo Carboni, is coming out after the summer as part of an Horizon 2020 research projectRead more


We empower individuals, civil society and social movements to act in a coordinated way throughout and beyond Europe to imagine, demand, and enact alternatives and influence decision-making.


We stand for the principle of solidarity, we promote that the most advanced social legislations are extended to all European countries, we fight xenophobia, homophobia, and stereotypes.


We believe that social and political change requires artistic and cultural engagement as much as other forms of engagement, fostering a renewal of society not limited to any one domain or sector.

Beyond the Nation

The most urgent political, cultural and social questions can no longer be dealt at the national level: we foster transnational citizenship to restore to citizens democratic control over our future.

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