We want to inspire and support vibrant alter-European and global movements that act for social justice beyond the nation-state


We develop transnational programs engaging people across disciplines to raise awareness of alternative visions, avoiding eurocentrism and highlighting perspectives outside of Europe


We demand change for an open, just and sustainable world and want to contribute with our capacity building programs


We empower individuals, civil society and social movements to act in a coordinated way throughout and influence decision-making


We stand for the principle of solidarity, we fight xenophobia, homophobia, and stereotypes


We believe that social and political change requires artistic and cultural engagement fostering a renewal of society not limited to any sector

the nation

The most urgent political, cultural and social questions can no longer be dealt at the national level: we foster transnational citizenship to restore to citizens democratic control over our future

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People of EA

Kasia Wojcik

Project Coordinator
"I am a member of EA because I believe that this organization truly embodies my values of solidarity beyond the nation state, feminism, alternative ways of structuring our society and of an anti-racist and anti-colonial agenda. "

Suzana Carp

"If there is one thing that appeals to me more than talking about a more solidary, more inclusive and more democratic Europe, then that is acting to create one - and that is what European Alternatives does, in the most creative and engaging ways."

Engin Isin

"If you want to experience the future of Europe now, look no further than European Alternatives"

Tania Bruguera

"I felt like an orphan going around the world speaking about how art can influence politics and other forms of collaboration and suddenly finding European Alternatives was like discovering a twin I hadn’t met before"

Irene Dominioni

"I was impressed by the enthusiasm of the young participants as well as the way in which they were 'naturally' Europeans, at ease in a complex world of multiple identities. I felt privileged to take part and make my contribution."

Rasha Shaaban

"European Alternatives is an important step in creating a trans-European public sentiment and stimulating media and cultural interest around Europe’s present and future challenges."