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European Alternatives organises and participates in many events, all across Europe and beyond, to promote democracy, equality and culture beyond the nation state. Our events include conferences, open debates, assemblies, festivals, book presentations, and much more. Check out if we are coming to your city or town and come to meet us!

22nd 2020
The School of Resistance Event

A global jurisdiction for a global economy

The School of Resistance Event

October 22nd at 18:00h
A dialogue with Miriam Saage-Maaß and Sylvestre Bisimwa. The global economy is out of control. All over the world, multinational companies are violating human rights, disregarding labour rights, relocating people and destroying habitats without being held accountable. Often, states depend…
Online October
29th 2020
EA Event

Creating concrete Corridors of Solidarity

EA Event

October 29th at 17:00h
While rescue organizations try to improve their coordination on a daily operational level at sea, a wide spectrum of civil society actors push and lobby for relocation and evacuation of refugees and migrants to welcoming cities. Against the background of…