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At European Alternatives we are always learning. We seek to create spaces to share our experiences and learn from wider movements, communities and partners. To this end, we participate in and co-create training and learning programmes for beginners and experts interested in transnational democracy and enacting a future beyond the nation state.

Our learning approach involves a wide community of trainers, facilitators, and educators that work to train and support activists, organisations, and movements to lead more hopeful and more powerful struggles in their countries, cities, and communities.

Our offline and online educational training and workshops do not require prior academic knowledge or activist experience so everyone can become part of the next generation of organisers and movements caring for people and the planet – united across the divisions and borders of struggles, communities, and nations. We experiment with formats and methodologies and are inspired by practices of popular education, transformative and experiential learning, place-based education and community organising. 

Our training & learning programme

Below you can find our active and past projects that are part of our training & learning programme. Many of our resources and programmes are open to the public –  sign up to our newsletter to get the latest updates on how you can get involved in our training & learning programmes.

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