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Home / Resources / News / New publication out: The Rise of Insurgent Europeanism

New publication out: The Rise of Insurgent Europeanism

The Rise of Insurgent Europeanism: Mapping Civil Society Visions of Europe 2018-2020

We are happy to release a new publication in cooperation with the London School of Economics, “The Rise of Insurgent Europeanism”. The research analyses how civil society in Europe and its attitudes towards the European project have changed dramatically in the past decade of multiple crises. The study mapped, tracked and monitored developments in European civil society from 2018 to 2020, revealing the nature and implications of these changes. Authors of the research are: Luke Cooper,  Consultant and Associate Researcher at LSE IDEAS, Roch Dunin-Wąsowicz, Research Officer at LSE IDEAS and lectures sociology at the UCL Social Research Institute, Mary Kaldor, Investigator of the Conflict Research Programme and Professor Emeritus of Global Governance at LSE, Niccolò Milanese is Director of European Alternatives, and Iavor Rangelov, Assistant Professorial Research Fellow at LSE IDEAS and Co-Founder of the Civic Ecosystems Initiative.


7 May – Presentation event

Ahead of the start of the Conference on the Future of Europe, we are organising an online event that will launch and present the publication. The authors will be discussing new visions of Europe emerging in civil society and what they mean for democracy and the European Union.