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Home / Resources / News / Released: Robert Biedron, Eastern Europe’s leading lgbt activist!

Released: Robert Biedron, Eastern Europe’s leading lgbt activist!

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European Alternatives supported the campaign to free Robert Biedron, arrested in Warsaw on 11th November while excercising his democratic right to protest against an extreme right parade; we consequently welcome the good news that he has now been released from custody! More news and analysis coming soon!

European Alternatives supports the campaign to free Robert Biedron, who was arrested on 11th November in Warsaw on implausible charges of attacking a police officer, whilst protesting against an extreme-right parade in Warsaw.

Tomek Kitlinski, an EA representative who was with him, sends this appeal: Robert Biedron is the icon of the difficult fight for lgbt rights in Central/Eastern Europe today. Biedron (b. 1976) is Poland’s foremost lgbt activist: in 2001 he founded the Campaign against Homophobia and served as its president until 2009. He is still more: the leader of the progressive movement in Poland. Robert is the most vocal advocate of queer rights in this country: he authored a popular book “A Rainbow Reader” and spearheaded such lgbt actions as queer visibility action “Let Them See Us” – portraits of lesbian and gay couples. I met him when with my partner Pawel when we participated in this campaign – I remember Robert’s enthusiasm. His charisma was also visible when I met him last on 11 November 2010 in Warsaw. We participated together with film director Agnieszka Holland and thousands of Poles in an anti-fascist demonstration in the Old City. Robert was as always on the frontline, but didn’t neglect anyone. He even promised me to come to my city Lublin to help the following week. Robert participated in this demonstration to express his protest against anti-Semitism, misogyny and homophobia. We convened against the appropriation of Poland’s National Day, 11 November, by fascist organisations, allowed by city authorities to march.

Many of European Alternatives associates were with us: feminist Kazimiera Szczuka, linguist Slawek Krolak, members of Lublin’s Tektura. Following the idea of Seweryn Blumsztajn of Gazeta Wyborcza daily, we whistled at the fascists who wanted to parade proudly in the streets of Warsaw. Robert was with us – he inspired us.

Now our struggle continues. Now we focus on setting Robert free. Please join us in this fight for his freedom. Tomasz Kitlinski, Poland