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EA attacked by Mail on Sunday

European Alternatives has today been accused of spreading “Marxist propaganda” by the Mail on Sunday. In particular, the article picked up on our flagship projects Citizens Manifesto and Transeuropa Festival.

The newspaper accuses us of being anti-capitalist and wanting to increase the rights of migrants, Roma people, and the poor. European Alternatives takes fundamental rights – including rights of minorities and of those well-off – seriously. We campaign for a Europe free from discrimination and based on principles of social justice and equality. We believe the Daily Mail should be ashamed for even suggesting that ethnic minorities are less deserving of fundamental rights than the majority.

The newspaper further accuses us of spreading pro-EU propaganda with EU money. European Alternatives has a diversified funding base, and receives funding from some of the most established private foundations in Europe as well as from individual members. The quality and impact of our work is recognised and supported across the continent by the private as well as the public sector.

We take particular pride in discovering that our work impacts on nationalist right-wing forces in the UK to such an extent as to stimulate this virulent attack.

Being attacked by the newspaper who has backed Hitler in the 30s makes us convinced that we are on the right track with our project to change Europe for the better.

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