Since our foundation in 2007, at European Alternatives we have always acted in the belief that the most urgent political and social questions can no longer be understood or dealt with at the national level alone, and that new forms of transnational collectivity must be created to restore to citizens’ democratic control over their future. In doing so, European Alternatives seeks to build a broader vision of a viable alternative Europe, as well as relaunch active citizenship and public commitment.

Accordingly, European Alternatives does not limit its action to one theme, topic or geographical area but, endeavors to be generalist and transnational. 

Working through our various offices, European Alternatives has over the past years developed innovative approaches to promoting European citizenship and fundamental rights by organising citizens’ panels, campaigns, festivals, and conferences, by using innovative online methods (multilingual websites, online radio, social networking, online videos, 

magazines, web documentaries) and by involving excluded groups in activities with a European focus (migrant groups, local democracy groups, youth groups, artistic organisations).

Measuring the impact of our work and efforts have always been a priority of the organisation. 

By Impact, we mean the effect that our work has on a specific segment in society, but also, how it influences different processes that are in line with our mission and values.

Our impact at a glance in 2022