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Home / Resources / News / European Alternatives has a new constitution!

European Alternatives has a new constitution!

5 years after its establishment in the UK in 2007, and one year to the day after the creation of Transeuropa Network, European Alternatives has adopted a new constitution.

The new constitution was adopted at a meeting in Amsterdam of local group coordinators and the board, both of which adopted the constitution by unanimity.

The constitution introduces a new structure for the organisation, introducing an elected Transnational board and the Cooperative of local groups to jointly decide on common actions across Europe.

The constitution reforms the status of members of European Alternatives, and gives them direct representation in the Transnational board that governs the organisation.

Acting co-president of European Alternatives, Niccolo Milanese, said after the approval of the constitution:

‘This constitution marks a major step in the growth of our transnational organisation, inventing genuinely innovative forms of collaboration between people across borders. It will democratise and dynamise our organisation. At a time when Europe is lacking in both solidarity and imagination, European Alternatives is proving that the new generation is determined to fight for both of these virtues.’

Read the newly adopted constitution here
Join European Alternatives here