Rui Tavares and Rasha Shaaban, new members of the Board

After the Annual General Meeting, members of European Alternatives were called to vote for the election of two new members to the Board, the approval of the 2015 accounts, a resolution for a membership fee system and the amendments to the strategic plan 2017.


Rui Tavares and Rasha Shaaban, new members of the Board

Rui TavaresRui Tavares and Rasha Shaaban are now part of the transnational Board of European Alternatives. Congratulations! The new board of European Alternatives, currently composed of 12 members, will meet in the autumn this year. Rui Tavares is a Portuguese historian, politician and former Member of the European Parliament from 2009 to 2014. In 2013, he founded the political party LIVRE in Portugal. Read his statement for the Board of EA.





Rasha Shaaban is currently working at the National Museum of World Cultures and coordinates the Anna Lindh Foundation civil society network in Sweden, the biggest network organisations involved in the promotion of intercultural dialogue across the Euro-Mediterranean region. Get to know her reading her own presentation. 


Accounts 2015 approved

The accounts of 2015 have been approved, which means that EA members accept the activity budget, including the overall expenses and aggregate income of 2015. Download here the full report of 2015.

Voluntary membership fee system

Members also voted on the implementation of a membership fee system that would enable new activities and projects of the network to come to life with its own resources. The voters decided on a voluntary fee system with 64 votes, which will be tested and evaluated. The evaluation will be shared in the autumn and, on the basis of the evaluation of the scheme’s success, the transnational Board may call a further vote.

On the road for 2017 strategy

EA members approved with a majority all the amendments to the Strategic plan. During the next transnational Board meeting, the amendments to the strategy will be presented to the Board  to make the necessary adjustments and for the staff and the network to organise its implementation.


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