Board of Trustees

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The Transnational Board of Trustees is legally empowered to oversee the running of the organization, set its strategy and approve its work program. It does so in dialogue with individual and organisational members, local groups and our partners through regular surveys, questionnaires and forums to understand the priorities and interests of the organization.

The Board is composed of a maximum of 8 members, with 4 elected by members of European Alternatives, and up to 4 co-opted by the board itself to build relationships with member organisations or to bring additional capacities to the organisation. New elections ​are called every year to renew 2 board positions, for a 2-year term.

Rasha Shaaban
Rasha joined the board of European Alternatives in September 2016.  She... [+]
Rui Tavares
Rui joined the board of European Alternatives in September 2016. Rui... [+]
Suzana Carp
Suzana joined the board of European Alternatives in December 2017.... [+]
Alberto Alemanno
Alberto joined the board of European Alternatives in December 2017.... [+]
Igor Stokfiszewski
Igor Stokfiszewski (1979) is a researcher, activist, journalist and artist.... [+]
Beppe Caccia
Beppe (Parma, Italy, 1968), graduated in Philosophy (University of Padua),... [+]
Noel Hatch
I bring people from different disciplines and backgrounds together to... [+]
Daphne Büllesbach
Executive Director
Daphne Büllesbach is the Executive Director at European Alternatives and a... [+]
Niccolò Milanese
Niccolò is a director of European Alternatives, a poet and... [+]
Ségolène Pruvot
Cultural Director
Ségolène is Cultural Director of European Alternatives and coordinates TRANSEUROPA... [+]
Lorenzo Marsili
Lorenzo Marsili is a philosopher, activist, and one of the... [+]
Sara Saleri
Sara holds a Ph.D. in Semiotics, obtained at the University... [+]
Alessandro Valera
Alessandro is the Launch Director of Ashoka Italy. He’s an... [+]
Guilhem Delteil
Guilhem's first advocacy for democracy was through his job orientation.... [+]
Luisa Maria Schweizer
Luisa, born in 1984, is an anthropologist and activist based... [+]

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