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Your Voice on the Future of Europe

*Credits lead photo: Irene Beltrame x Transeuropa Caravans: Public tribute to partisans in Bologna (Italy).

With Citizens Take Over Europe we are working to bring together civil society organisations, citizens and residents of Europe with a shared goal: to promote a future for the European people that they can shape together during the upcoming Conference on the Future of Europe and beyond.

Yet, European affairs are a complex matter that people make sense of in highly diverse ways. We want to have the different voices included in making our common destiny!

That’s why, today we are launching a public consultation addressing citizens across Europe and asking for you to support and participation.

What can you do?

Your experiences, views and expectations are valuable to us (and possibly also to you) for better understanding what it means to live in the EU.

You just need 15 minutes of your time to take part in our consultation:


Your participation will be completely anonymous. A working group of CTOE members has developed this survey by using the innovative SenseMaker tool, a mixed method that aims at deeper understandings combined with broadest possible participation.

Thanks for bringing your thoughts and ideas to the table, we are looking forward to your participation!