We all want to be young

From our Making a Living project, young people are finding it really challenge to figure out what’s worse: expecting not to have the things your parents had, and preparing yourself for alternatives to getting a job, a house or even a degree – or assuming everything’s going to be OK, until you realise that your dreams have been privatised, getting yourself into debt to even grab a slice of them back.

We know that how society brings up its children is critical to how it shapes itself as a nation – its history, its symbols and its practices. But each generation will often forget what the previous generation had to fight for, rights and resources it takes for granted. That’s why the infographic below shows really well what each of our generations have fought for.

But there’s a wider issue too. Our grandparent’s generation fought and got the welfare state, our parents took to the streets for individual liberties. The challenges for our generation can only be solved by working together across borders.