Videos & Podcasts

Our videos include promotional, divulgative and journalistic productions by European Alternatives and materials that are part of Talk Real, our audiovisual platform for the diffusion of innovative ideas and for the promotion of grassroots organizations and the individuals behind them. 

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Common Struggles: A journey with European movements for the commons

The Citizens Manifesto: our demands for Europe

Transeuropa Caravans: connecting local alternative voices

The Campus of European Alternatives – 1st Edition #FixEurope

Transeuropa Festival 2015

Yanis Varoufakis (DiEM25) and Luigi de Magistris (mayor of Naples) meet in Rome

TRAILER TRANSEUROPA 2017 and ECA ~ Convergent Spaces ~

EUROPEAN COMMONS FORUM #TF17 (part 4) with ECA. The Commons offering a renewed vision for Europe?

TRANSEUROPA 2017: ¿Qué hay después del estado nación? (Spanish video)

Transeuropa Festival 2017

TRANSEUROPA 2019: ÜberMauer – Oltremuro – Beyond the Wall

Political Youth Documentary 2020