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Home / Resources / News / Transeuropa Network members win Youth in Action Competition

Transeuropa Network members win Youth in Action Competition

Youth in Action and the British Council hosted a “Broadening Horizons – My Youth in Action Experience” Competition (here) where participants were asked to submit either photographs, a video or an essay which  best described their experience with Youth in Action projects. 

Mauro (London) won first place in the Written Category. You can access his winning essay here.

Sanziana (Cluj) won first place in the photography category. Below are her winning photos and captions:

Brick Lane, London

A mix of different cultures, of foods, tastes, and faces, this market portrays what the ideal European city should resemble: a meeting place for all to celebrate diversity. Europe should keep its colours and be proud of every hue that composes its rainbow.

Graffiti, London, Cluj

Freedom of expression is a fundamental right of all regardless of their location. Expressions have different outcomes; creative youth in vibrant neighbourhoods of London and Cluj-Napoca express their innermost feelings with graffiti. Together, they create transnational dialogue.

   Millenium Bridge, London

 “Of everything that man erects and builds in his  
  urge for living, nothing is in my eyes better and  
  more valuable than bridges.”             Ivo Andric

  Collaborating with European Alternatives, has  
  meant crossing many bridges throughout Europe,
  uniting cultures, religions, and passions; uniting  
  Cluj and London, uniting Europe.


Fusion, Cluj-London

Quaint Cluj with a backdrop of rolling hills, is for many the direct opposite of modern, bustling London. After my experience with Youth in Action however, I realised that though on the surface they may be different, both cities are home to Europeans hopeful for a better future. 

Congratulations to the both of you!