Three questions for Peter Sunde

peter sundePeter Sunde Kolmisoppi, tweeting as @brokep, is a computer expert and best known for being a co-founder and former spokesperson of The Pirate Bay, a BitTorrent search engine. He is an equality advocate and writes about concerns over the centralization of power in the European Union on his blog. Sunde also participates in the Pirate Party of Finland.

This week we asked three questions to Peter, who is taking part in this year’s Transeuropa Festival as a panelist and creative contributor:

What will you share at TRANSEUROPA?

I’m going to talk about my current work on finding solutions to the problems coming out of globalisation. Being pro- or anti- globalisation is kind of useless, but looking at the current situation, we need to find ways to deal with those. Everything from ethical aspects of the right of people to move freely to the accountability of corporations. I want to look ahead and find solutions of tomorrow’s problems today, instead of being pro- or anti-today.

What European fragmentation are you most concerned about today?

Definitely the rise of the extreme right-wing and the racism it brings. This has happened before in Europe and historically we have a really bad way of handling it.


I think it’s important to not just repeat the same thing over and over again, but to find new ways of reaching people and new forms of discussion. We’ve tried other options before, so I want to try the Transeuropean way as well!