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Three questions for Andrej Bereta

Andrej Bereta (2)Andrej Bereta (Serbia) is a Curator-Art Historian and Cultural entrepreneur (Co- Founder of ARTIKAL, Belgrade, since 2008). Since 2011 he works on the Project About and around curating/Kustosiranje (co- authorship with Srdjan Tunic), an educative and research curatorial project, based on the idea of lifelong learning, designed for professionals and students from the fields of arts and culture, and open for general public. Since 2014 he is Curator of Arts Kozara (2014, 2015): international AiR, Art Laboratory in nature on mountain Kozara (BiH). In 2008 he co-created the Project ARTUR- Cultural tour for disabled persons. Andrej is co-creator and participant of Creative Mentorship Lecturer on Visual Arts at Independent University of Banjaluka (BiH).

This week we asked Andrej about his contribution to TRANSEUROPA Festival 2015 and why a transnational approach is needed.


1. What will you share at TRANSEUROPA?

I’ll present briefly our Civic Association ARTIKAL (Belgrade, established 2008) and project About and around curating/ Kustosiranje, defined as research within contemporary art and curating practice. Our regional collaboration with Bosnian partner Tac.Ka (Prijedor, BiH) on project Ars Kozara, AiR and Art Laboratory in Nature, will be briefly presented too, especially latest edition. Together with Xavier de Luca (JISER, Barcelona), I am planning to present our experiences in cultural exchange through mutual projects (DJART Festival), and other projects, which connects our organizations with other initiatives in MENA region. We’ll organize and facilitate one workshop aiming to support others to collaborate in regional projects within arts and culture. Also, we plan to have one discussion panel about same topic, with main idea to distress important issues, exchange different experiences and ideas with participants from developing a concept in collaboration, to fundraising, sustainability and possible hinders.

2.  What European fragmentation are you most concerned about today?

Europe is way more fragmented continent then it appears to be. I guess that greatest gap is between EU and non- EU countries, which reflects in reality on pretty modest possibilities for collaboration (Cultural, Academic field…), equality in approach to funds and same individual treatment. As usual, common citizens and interesting initiatives pays highest price of dis-balance between public political proclamation and real act. Current exodus- horror situation about refugees (mostly from Syria), which seems that most of Europe sees as threatening flood of “others”, draws pretty clear image of questionable principles and ability of whole Continent to act according to them.



It is a very good idea to be a part of TRANSEUROPA festival, also to re-check where we are: to meet interesting and innovative people, share ideas and knowledge and discuss about mutual interests within field of culture. It is a great chance to brainstorm with other participants some possible new ideas which could be shaped as concepts for some future actions. As far as I concern, this kind of “gathering” should happen at least twice a year, to push way more vivid mobility and exchange of people, their ideas, different “flavors”. It is in best interest of whole Europe, I believe.