The Guardian - "As the European elections approach, it's time to stop the politics of cowardice"

Opinion article by Niccolò Milanese – As the European elections approach, it’s time to stop the politics of cowardice

a-pantomime-at-the-europe-020“European democracy will only be built by citizens throughout the continent engaging in productive debates about our common future. When that real conversation happens, more people will realise that advancing on many of the things we care most about – from preventing global warming, promoting employment and a decent living standard for everyone, to guaranteeing the fundamental rights of minorities – requires acting on a transnational scale. Our organisation is called European Alternatives precisely because we think that in this part of the world Europe is the most appropriate level to act on these issues, but Europe needs alternative policies from the ones it currently follows. Not everyone will agree with the proposals we make, and that is exactly as it should be. The European elections should be precisely the moment to discuss these alternatives.”