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Home / Resources / News / The Citizens Take Over Europe Coalition joins the Strasbourg Summit!

The Citizens Take Over Europe Coalition joins the Strasbourg Summit!

The second birthday of our coalition Citizens Take Over Europe is approaching! And we will celebrate it on the 7th of May in Strasbourg during the Strasbourg Summit organised by the Federalists movements.

We answered the call launched by the European federalists to join the Summit in Strasbourg because the outcomes of the Conference need to be followed up. Citizens Take Over Europe started to work together two years ago when the Conference on the Future of Europe was a big “IF”. Now, with the outcomes on the table and with the European Parliament announcing that it will officially call for an EU Convention, we want to be there for the Conference’s conclusion to launch our clear message for a European Convention. Now it is the time for a leap forward in European history, and not a missed opportunity!

The fragility revealed by the Covid-19 pandemic demands this. The humanitarian and energetic crisis caused by the war of aggression against Ukraine demands this.

We will be in Strasbourg to be part of the Civil Society Convention and to attend the March for Europe. And you can meet us at the event we organised:


Lunch debate – Convention for a people-powered Europe:
The future of democratic participation
Saturday 7th May
1.00 PM – 2.15 PM
L’Aubette, Strasbourg 


During the event you will be able to meet the coalition Citizens Take Over Europe and discuss how the Conference on the Future of Europe can become the kick-off for the democratization of Europe and its reforms. We will be discussing the call and open letter for a European Convention and our vision for it, the institutionalisation of a European Citizens’ Assembly, and provide practical examples of deliberative processes including from the Assemblies of Solidarity project, which led to the Palermo Climate Declaration and Porto eco-social justice Declaration.

If you are planning to be in Strasbourg, register here to attend the event.

We hope to meet you in Strasbourg!