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Home / Resources / News / Studio Rizoma presents PANDEMOS

Studio Rizoma presents PANDEMOS

Studio Rizoma is an international cultural studio based in Palermo and with outreach offices in Berlin and Paris. It has been established by European Alternatives, with support from Allianzkulturstiftung, following the successful curation of the 2019 edition of the Biennale Arcipelago Mediterraneo in Palermo.

Studio Rizoma begins its journey on October 27th through the results of PANDEMOS, the first project of the Studio conceived as a multimedia project and physical exhibition conceived during the covid-19 pandemic in spring 2020. PANDEMOS, conceived by Lorenzo Marsili and curated by Izabela Anna Moren, is a collective exhibition of the works of 13 Italian and international artists working in Sicily, selected by an international committee during the lockdown, who worked during the summer to develop a series of works related to the experience of the pandemic and its overcoming.
Seven months after the lockdown, we present online the first multimedia artistic reflection on the pandemic in Europe. The exhibition has been conceived from the beginning as an artistic initiative entirely viewable online, and all the works have been produced imagining a situation of confinement and closure of public spaces.



Oli Bonzanigo
Michele Bubacco & Carlo Santacaterina
Michele Maria Cammarata & Roberto Lentini
Eliza Collin
Michelangelo Ferrara
Lina Issa
Alessandro Librio
Marianna Maruyama
Ignazio Mortellaro
Studio Luminescent
Salvatore Peluso

Selection Committee
Giorgio Vasta, Luca Cinquemani, Giusi Diana, Letizia Gullo, Simone Mannino, Izabela Anna Moren, Ennio Pellicanò, Filippo Pistoia, Clarissa Renée Podbielski, Giuseppina Vara, Lorenzo Marsili.
⚡️The website and the magic book will be launched online on the 27th October at 12h CET.
⚡️Studio Rizoma doesn’t have Facebook page at the moment, but you can follow the institute on

With the support of Allianz kulturstiftung, European Cultural Foundation, and Goethe-Institut Palermo.