We’ve been building on our experience of developing the Transeuropa Festival throughout this year from striking up relations to prototyping social markets. For the Festival in 2012, we asked the same question we asked ourselves last year “if you could create a festival, what would it look like?”. This time round, we’ve created a cooperative bringing together all the coordinators of the citygroups so that we could share ideas and join up the dots between the activities.

London Work Programme

We organised a session using techniques from silent brainstorming to mapping issues to encourage people to come up with ideas. Our next session creatively challenged people taking part to identify the following trends between the issues and between the activities:

  1. Discover different cultures through creating and sharing new experiences with people
  2. Observe how neighbourhoods can provoke new thoughts and ideas on democratic and economic alternatives
  3. Create activities together that express the way we collectively feel about the issues we face and the wishes we dream about
  4. Create the spaces to challenge the way we’ve been brought up to think and act

From this, we came up with new keywords such as the multitude, emotions, intergenerational and displacement

What issues did we agree on? What activities were filtered through to the final selection? Watch this space! If you want to find out more about what we do go to our group page or to tell us how you’d like to be involved, fill in our survey.