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We recently published a challenge for you to take photos in your neighbourhood of places, people and interactions what it feels like to be out of work, look for job, make a living and the economy. Using a new tool, you can now see our first cut of the photos submitted so far.

To use the tool, go to Tag Galaxy, go to New Tag and add makingaliving as the tag and click go!

Click on a random image from the globe and then once it appears click again to see the description!

You can check out what people have handwritten on our issue cards or you can select a random photo and see our interpretation of how it symbolises making a living. It might be an observation about the irony of a neighbourhood being gentrified, a slogan that we could co-opt for our own campaigns or a question challenging us to rethink our economy.

It might be more positive, like an example we found on our travels about how people are re-using old resources to re-invent them into something new or a technique that’s inspired us in how we carry out our project. Hidden in there, you can also see photos of us out and about interviewing people and capturing the atmosphere in the places and spaces we’ve visited.

We explore how could new ways of making a living might become reclaiming the old forms of making a living from the Barceloneta barrio in Barcelona to observing how containers are the symbol of the globalisation of trade, but are also used as makeshift homes for many who can’t afford to pay the rent from.

We question if the sadness and nostalgia of how people used to make a living become art from the Testaccio vicinato in Rome to reflecting how an advert shows us how the ways our generation is trying to find itself is always under construction. We come across on the different tribes of young people campaigning for better ways to make a living on a window in the Kreuzberg nachbarshaft in Berlin.

If you want to upload your photo and feature it on the tool, go to the challenge and find out how!