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Home / Resources / News / Participants arrive to #FixEurope Campus

Participants arrive to #FixEurope Campus

In spite of the strikes of the German airlines we managed to bring most of the #FixEuropean-activists without bigger struggles to the beautiful castle of Wartin.


Photo: E. Dalibot

After an amazing vegetarian BBQ (which the meat-loving chef did for the first time in his live and absolutely succeeded) about 70 people took part in a speed-dating answering questions like “what was the most absurd thing you ever did?” – a quite fun way of getting really to know each other and losing all timidity for some now coming campus-days.


Photo: E. Dalibot

The night ended late with great chats at the Nightcafe accompanied by the sweet sounds of some very talented piano players we’ve discovered among the participants.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 10.52.27

Photo: E. Dalibot