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Laetitia Caumes

Laetitia is working on FIERCE and is currently finishing her Master’s Degree in Gender Studies at the Université Paris 8 after completing her Erasmus at the Humboldt Universität in Berlin. She has a Double Bachelor of Arts in French and German Literature and Culture Studies at Université Paris 3 and the Freie Universität Berlin. She grew up in Rabat, Morocco and in Vienna, Austria before moving to Paris in 2016.

Her Master’s Research is a comparative research on the mechanisms French and German activists put in place to fight against sexual violence without being instrumentalized by the far-right.

Since 2020, she is also a member of an ecofeminist collective based in Île de France called Voix Déterres and she has interned at the NGO ÉPhiScience, which specializes in critical thinking in 2021-2022 where she worked on designing a philosophical game around gender.

Laetitia Caumes