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Home / MEP Candidates: Sign the Pact for Equality Pledge

The Pact for Equality is a commitment between civil society organisations, racialised communities, trade unions, and MEPs to engage in a regular formal dialogue process during the next five years and beyond.

We believe MEPs have the power to reverse the trend of rising hatred and discrimination in Europe, as well as address the shrinking avenues for dialogue with civil society actors and local communities in the policy-making process. 

For MEP candidates, the 2024 European Parliament elections represent a unique opportunity to reaffirm your commitment to the founding values of the Union and to its anti-discrimination framework.

By signing the Pact for Equality, once elected as an MEP I pledge to:

Reaffirm and call for a strengthening of the EU anti-discrimination framework
, through an expansion of its key instruments and monitoring their proper implementation by Member States

Closely monitor developments around the current anti-discrimination framework to better address the specific challenges of structural racism and intersectional discrimination affecting both EU and non-EU citizens, across all EU policy areas (notably migration and asylum) and social groups in the Euro- Mediterranean region

Base my voting decisions on inclusive and participatory processes, primarily through consultation of individuals and movements directly impacted by racism and discrimination, as well as civil society, academia, and other relevant stakeholders providing evidence and expertise on discrimination in and by the EU

Foster a positive narrative and policy shift away from securitised, criminalising, Islamophobic and stigmatizing discourses about racialised people – regardless of citizenship – as well as the organisations, human rights defenders, and general public who act in solidarity towards these groups

Request concrete EU measures and policy changes in favour of equality, anti-discrimination, and anti-racism

Address post-colonial legacies and inequalities notably by fostering a relationship of reciprocity between the North and South of the Mediterranean

Work with national equality bodies to promote awareness of the legal means available to victims, the collection of high-quality, disaggregated data on racism and discrimination, holding national authorities accountable, and pushing for the implementation of the Directive on standards for equality bodies

Work with local authorities to promote best practices and monitor the implementation of the EU anti-discrimination framework at national level, as well as the adoption and application of national anti-racism action plans.

candidates have signed the pledge