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It is time for transnational solidarity

In the light of the rapid escalation of COVID-19 that obliges us to stay at home, at European Alternatives we want to share some resources that might help in this extraordinary occasion.

Being an organization that believes in the strength of networks, caring and sharing, we believe that a good contribution we can make is to share with all of you some of the content we have produced in the past months that perhaps you didn’t have the time to check yet. We want this to become an open and participatory tool, that’s why we invite you to suggest new resources to add by emailing us to

Online Course on Countering Hate Speech in Europe

Apply to the 5-week online course on Countering Hate Speech in cooperation with the Sharing Perspectives Foundation, with content developed by European Alternatives! The course, taking place from the 18th of June, will provide you with an understanding of what hate speech is, what forms it takes, its causes and consequences and how to counteract it. The course is open to activists, students and passionate citizens from 18 to 30 years old and from all over Europe and the Southern Mediterranean, wanting to get a deep insight into hate speech. Based on a human rights perspective, the course explores concrete examples, tactics and strategies on how to respond to hate speech.


Political Youth: a web-documentary about youth being active in times of crisis

For over one year, a team of video-makers has been travelling across Europe to tell the stories of young people who are at the forefront of political change. We have focused on five main topics which are representative of the issues of democracy, power, politics, policy-making, social and political participation.


The Right to Truth: Conversation on art and feminism

Best moment to read this publication about the Ukrainian art scene and new modern forms of feminist art. Stories and conversations about women associated with the movement for women’s liberation and emancipation and different works that embodied the struggle for women’s liberation. A joined publication of Visual Culture Research Centre Kiev and European Alternatives.


Citizens of Nowhere

Lorenzo Marsili and Niccolò Milanese, co-funders of European Alternatives, published with ZED Books the book that tells the story of the origins of European Alternatives, its future, and how democracy in Europe can be re-made from the ground up.


Human Lines

A web documentary created to support the academic research project of Ilaria Schnyder von Wartensee and Clemens Sedmak, for Humanitarian Corridors. It tells the stories that come out of Humanitarian Corridors, the complexity and the inherent dynamics in a rightly ambitious reception model. It aims to be a way of contributing to a growth that we believe is fundamental, for the people affected and for the community.


Challenging Boundaries: Call for Contributions

Co-Creation has become increasingly popular in recent years as a concept, method and policy tool. A key factor in the rise of Co-Creation is its potential in breaking down boundaries, between different parts of the city, between different groups within cities, between different parts of the world, between disciplines and between different practices. To mark the end of a four year EU project on Co-Creation in marginalised urban areas, we are looking for contributions which explore the varied and contested aspects of Co-Creation.