We want to find out what drives you. Transeuropa London should be shaped by the people and ideas that
form it

We would love to find out what your interests are, what type of activities you would like to develop and how you want to get involved. Tell us!

We want to know what issues motivate you so we can better involve to help shape what we do in the areas you are interested in. This could be coming up with ideas on the issues, organise an event or even work with other groups on the issue. Tell us!

We would like to enable you to participate in developing and share skills with other members, whether on coming up with ideas or developing activities. Tell us!

If you would like to coordinate the work on the above areas, you can also apply by writing 200 words on why you’d like to take on one of the roles. We want to enable you to get involved in activities that can help us build our local group.
Urban Games to Make a Living from Noel Hatch

We aim to make connections that will keep you in touch with the most creative ideas and activities. This is why we are building bridges with other groups, so we can work together on mutual causes and activities and enable you to meet other creative people. So if you are involved in a group that is also working on these types of issues or activities, please let us know which one. We’d love to come and meet the group and see how we can work together.