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Finland’s Election


Could you name three Finnish Cities?

“Better know your neighbour” is the motto of our newly started election series. This Sunday, European Alternatives Berlin invited Finns and non-Finns alike to watch the elections of our neighbour in the North together. What are the main parties and their agenda? Which topics are important? And how will the election influence EU politics in the future? These questions were answered by the Finnish audience and provided interesting background information for the upcoming election results.

According to the first projections, the Finns decided to vote the current Prime Minister Alexander Stubb out of office and instead support the Millionaire and former telecom executive Juha Sipila, who promised a wage freeze and spending cuts to push Finland’s competitiveness. Yet, he will probably need a coalition partner. The True Finns, who ran an anti-immigration and anti- Greek bailout campaign, won 39 seats of the 200-seats parliament and are hence likely to be part of a coalition.


Election Party at Koffer Bar, Berlin

At the end of the evening, the crowd could test their knowledge on Finland and Finnish politics during a pub quiz. Would you know if its true that Prime Minister Stubb said “Money should be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize”?

The next country to vote is the UK and we want to celebrate this historic election (#withorwithoutuk) with a great program for the evening of the 7th of May at re:publica. You don’t need a re:publica ticket to join the party!