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Home / Resources / News / Festival preparatory meeting held in Sofia

Festival preparatory meeting held in Sofia

Sofia, Bulgaria
August 24 +25

After transforming the high-ceiling rooms of the empty conference venue and its surrounding, comfortably shaded streets, into a transnational headquarter, we, the members of European Alternatives, gathered. With barely a  month and a half before the opening of Transeuropa Festival, concrete program elements were discussed, allowing each of us to get a sense of what different shapes our Festival would take, 

what topics it would  explore,  what unexpected and exciting partnerships had been born. 

Planning the Final Forum in Berlin made space for exchanges around the coming European and German elections and the context they create for the release of the Citizens Pact.  

Meanwhile, just a floor above, the no less transnational SHAREs artist crew held their third and last workshop. As a result, on Saturday night after dusk, the two groups could join in front of Sofia’s main theater and Defense ministry for a trial enactment of the transnational Radio-Ballet, due to open the Festival on October 5th.

EA members trying out the Transnational Action in Sofia

While we took over public space in a city foreign to most of us, voices and music in our ears led us to simultaneously enact, witness and reflect transnational citizenship. Our next meeting will be held in Paris on the 14th and 15th of September