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Transnational Organizing Forum
25.03.2023, 17:00-22:00, Betahaus Berlin
Register now until March 20!

In recent years, youth movements have played a major role in shaping the political landscape across the globe. It was not only Greta Thunberg and the young activist-led climate justice movement Fridays for Future that drew attention to the urgent need for action on the climate crisis and influenced policies and public opinion around the world. Also in many countries in Europe, young, especially female, migrant, BIPoC, queer and working-class organizers and campaigners have demonstrated the power of young people to effect social and political change. And yet, in the face of opposition from policymakers, global corporations and lobbyists, as well as right-wing movements, we are always at risk of desperation. Many of us ask, therefore, how can we become more victorious by uniting across the borders of identities, struggles and nations?

The Youth Movement & Campaign Accelerator has had six months to answer that very question with its first cohort: How do we build the next generation of movements, organisations, and campaigns? A special focus was on cutting-edge methods of storytelling, 1:1 conversations, popular assemblies, house meetings as part of so-called Listening Campaigns, which should help us and our communities to transform our political depression into collective action.

Now, we are thrilled to announce WHAT IS TO BE DONE, a transnational organizing forum that focuses on building more hopeful, more joyful, and more powerful social movements, political campaigns, and collective actions – in cities and communities across the continent and beyond the borders of identities, struggles, and nations.

Attention to the next generation of movements and organizers from across Europe gathering in Berlin! Join us for an evening full of mutual inspiration, collective learning, and joint conspiration … and the final public moment of the Youth Movement & Campaign Accelerator Bootcamp!




Welcoming Address by Georg Blokus (Berlin Hub Director of European Alternatives)


Short Talks by Movement & Campaign Organizers from Berlin & across Europe

  • Antonia & Domenico (Associazione Luca Coscioni, Italy)
  • Sanaz & Elahe (woman*life freedom collective, Berlin)
  • Jasper & Charlie (End Fossil: Occupy!, The Netherlands)
  • Ahmad & Rob (Gorillas Workers Collective, Berlin)
  • Fruzsina & Veronika (ADOM Student Movement for Alternative Student-Centred Education, Hungary)
  • Patricia & Bana (Deutsche Wohnen & Co. Enteignen, Berlin)

We want to celebrate what we have accomplished and inspire each other. Representatives from 6 movements and campaigns will share their stories, the issues and demands of their movements, campaign journeys, best practice methods and tools, as well as current challenges in short talks in words, photos and videos.


World Café

Then, in a world café with representatives of the 6 movements and campaigns at a total of 12 tables, we will first give space for questions and skill sharing in a 25-minute round; in a second round, the representatives of the movements and campaign will bring an urgent current challenge to the table, and all other participants will be invited to give support with their knowledge, tools, and experiences to address this challenge.


Keynote by Sarah-Lee Heinrich (German Green Party Youth Speaker)

We are happy to have Sarah-Lee Heinrich with us this evening, who will share her political experiences at the intersection of movements, parties and institutions, as well as her vision for a transnational socio-ecological transformation led by young, female, migrant, BIPoC, queer and working-class movements and organizers.


Assembly of Transnational Solidarity

Next, we will move on to an „Assembly of Transnational Solidarity” that will focus on the needs of young activists and organizers, and the avenues for transnational movements and campaigns. We are also pleased to announce that funders will be invited to this part of the event, which will provide an excellent opportunity to get to know each other, share visions and values, and to discuss urgent support needs for capacity, leadership and infrastructure building.


Meet & Drink

Finally, we will end the day with a meet & drink connecting people who share a passion for making a difference in our current world.

All activists, organizers and campaigners who will be in Berlin on that day are very welcome. We are especially happy about young beginners who are seeking inspiration, empowerment and support.

The event will be held in English. Drinks and snacks will be waiting for you!



European Alternatives, School of Transnational Organizing & Assemblies of Solidarity



European Parliament



European Alternatives is a citizen-powered transnational grassroots organization with offices in Paris, Palermo, and Berlin – imagining, demanding, and enacting democracy, equality, and culture beyond the nation state. Our »School of Transnational Organizing« is a grassroots school where everyday people, social movement builders, trade union organizers, migrant workers, climate justice activists, political artists as well as marginalized communities meet to learn the tools and skills to master the lost art of organizing solidarity and together shape the landscape of what we think is possible.

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Are you a progressive activist, academic, or artist, part of a grassroots initiative, civil society organisation, or social movement? United across borders and struggles, we as citizens and workers in our communities and cities organize for a Europe of solidarity and justice.

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