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Home / Events / Past events / The Future of Democracy in Europe | Film screening and discussion

The Future of Democracy in Europe | Film screening and discussion

As the aftermath of the Brexit vote begins to unfold and nationalism continues to be on the rise all across Europe, it is more important than ever to animate our hopes in the possibility of transnational democracy.

At this timely moment, European Alternatives invites you to a free screening and discussion of David Bernet’s fascinating film ‘Democracy’. A film about hope, persistence and power that provides both, an aesthetic and educational insight into topical debates around data protection and transnational politics alike.

The entrance is free but spaces are limited, RESERVE YOUR TICKET following the URL in this event:

The event is organised by our active member Antje Scharenberg, who will be in the film screening and participating during the discussion. If you are interested in knowing more about EA or want to find out what you can do in your community with our support, don’t hesitate to join the event and speak to her! If you want more information about what it means to be an active member of European Alternatives, you can also contact directly our Network Manager Martin Pairet:

You can bring your own food and drinks to share and have mini picnic after the film!