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Room to Bloom Festival

Celebrating Postcolonial and Ecofeminist Art

Room to Bloom Festival will take place next 1-4 November 2022 in Malmö, Sweden on the theme: Celebrating Postcolonial and Ecofeminist Art & Activism.

Following the artists gatherings organised by Room to Bloom programme in Athens, Palermo, Kyiv and online, we are now launching an open invitation to participate in the Room to Bloom Festival that will take place at STPLN in Malmö, Sweden on 1 – 4 November.

We aspire to have a collective moment for artists and cultural professionals to network, exchange and showcase their work in Sweden’s diversity capital, Malmö.

Why ecofeminism and postcolonial feminism?

Taking place in one of the most dynamic centers of our rapidly changing world, the ecofeminism workshop taking place online and in Athens invites participants to collaborate in defining and enacting a new role of art. The participants will have a chance to learn from and create together with experts on activist, transindigenous, ecofeminist, revolutionary, and therapeutic practices.

Together, we will work on a sustainable communal art world based on an experience  of harmonious coexistence with the environment and the role of the feminine in the cycle of life. What can we learn about our future from communities which still, or again, live in an unmediated relation to their, now drastically changing, living conditions?

Objectives of the Festival
  • empowering emerging artists by opening a circle of strong practitioners who shape contemporary art today for active participation in the process of transformation of the art world and our society in general.
  • knowledge sharing.
  • presenting artworks and performances.
  • creating an epistemology beyond differentiation between theoretical knowledge and physical experience through participatory artworks and practices.