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Power to the People Webinar

“What Do European Elections Mean for YOU?”

Democracy is about making the voice of the people count. However, there’s a problem: in the 2019 European elections, only 51% of registered European citizens voted. Four years later, when asked if their voice matters in the European Union, 48% of Europeans disagree. With just weeks to go until the European elections, this is both good and bad news.

European democracy works, but not for everyone.

In the upcoming “Power to the People” webinar, we pose the same question to you as to our speakers: In this era of heightened polarization and historically low support for democracy, is voting every five years enough? Will you vote from June 6 to 9, and if not, why? Could more direct or deliberative citizen democracy help more people feel heard? Who has the privilege to vote, and who is excluded?

How could European democracy work better for YOU?

In this webinar, we invite you to reflect on your personal stance regarding the upcoming European elections. Using our innovative format, tested and found effective by you in 2023, we bring together citizens from across Europe—transcending borders and in their own languages (with the help of simultaneous interpretation in four languages)—people who would never have met otherwise.

Join us for this collective European experience and register here:

What to Expect

This webinar will take place in two parts:

Firstly, three speakers will set the stage and challenge our beliefs about the elections (accessible through professional interpretation in English, Italian, French, and German):

  • Paul Blokker: A political sociology researcher specializing in democracy, social movements, and European politics. He is a professor of political sociology at the University of Bologna and active in “Citizens Take Over Europe,” which published a “Democratic Manifesto” ahead of the European elections.
  • Ami Weickaane (Bluuu): Known for his work as a visual poet, activist artist, curator, and content producer, exploring themes of democracy and disenfranchisement, particularly for those of Franco-African descent. Ami is a board member of the transnational organization European Alternatives.
  • Yves Sintomer: A political scientist and professor recognized for his expertise in participatory democracy and citizen engagement, focusing on innovative forms of governance and decision-making processes. He is a professor of political science at Paris 8 University in France, with his research being a reference in democratic theory and practice.

Secondly, we will gather in small groups of four randomly chosen citizens—transnational and cross-border—with the help of an automatic interpretation system (subtitles). These small rooms aim to foster deeper collective reflection on what we feel, fear, and hope for when we think about European elections and democracy.

Join us for this shared European experience and register here:

This is the second event in our new series “Building a European Digital Public Sphere: Participatory Democracy in the EU—Current Challenges and Future Prospects” as part of the Democratic Odyssey for a Permanent Assembly of European Peoples. All our previous events are available here.

Join us for this event and invite others!