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Home / Events / Past events / Power to the People: how are rising living costs affecting your life?

Power to the People: how are rising living costs affecting your life?

The EUI-STG Democracy Forum, and partners from across Europe, discuss the ongoing economic pressures in Europe from a bottom-up citizen-centred perspective as part of the ‘Power to the People’ webinar series. How is the cost of living crisis effecting you? What political solutions do you think are missing and needed?


With rising living costs now affecting people in all European countries, the EUI-STG Democracy Forum, in collaboration with a network of civil society partners (Europe Calling, Pulse of Europe, Mehr Demokratie, European Alternatives, Citizens Take Over Europe, Another Europe Is Possible), invites you to share your personal experience of the continent-wide economic squeeze.

In this special webinar, open to the public, and interpreted in English, German and Italian, we will be exchanging across borders and languages on three highly intimate questions:

  • What does inflation mean for your life? 
  • How are you adapting to it?
  • How does it influence your perspective of the future?

Given that all of us are affected by political choices at European level, this forum seeks to initiate a broad discussion between a diverse range of citizens and peoples of Europe in a manner that complements other, ongoing, expert discussions. To ensure all voices are heard, we will split-up into small groups to give everyone a trusted space to speak.

This event is a chance to express yourself and to listen and learn about different perspectives on shared European problems. Because we strongly believe that reflecting on common fears, hopes and challenges is the first step towards building a European community of citizens that can make its voice heard.

Please register here.