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Democratic Odyssey People’s Assembly Topic Selection Workshop

The Democratic Odyssey, a project that has as its Zenith the establishment of a sortition-based People’s Assembly for Europe, needs your help to select the topic of the People’s Assembly. The Democratic Odyssey campaign is a crowdsourced, decentralized and collaborative initiative to embed citizen participation and deliberation in Europe; led by a consortium of highly experienced organisations.

You can find a summary of the project on the webpage, but in a nutshell: the aim is to create and experiment with a ‘proof of concept’ for a Peoples’ Assembly for Europe, transnational of course, but also trans-local, i.e. one that feeds local participatory initiatives and is neither totally top-down (initiated by an institutional authority) nor completely bottom-up (initiated by civil society alone) but follows a third way (initiated, carried and supported by a coalition of actors from all walks of life). This process will lead, in September 2024, to the implementation of a prototype Assembly in Athens.

The Democratic Odyssey team is currently in the process of selecting a topic of the assembly. The Topic Selection Workshop is taking place this Friday 22 March, from 12:00 to 14:00 CET (GMT+1) and it is open to all. We are deeply committed to bringing together diverse actors and to foster a constructive dialogue necessary to identify a topic that is impactful, cross-cutting, future-focused, and that represents a pressing issue faced by the European citizens. Your input would be very valuable and you are invited to join the Workshop. If you are interested, please fill out this form and you will receive the Zoom connection details.