Events 2014

European Alternatives organises and participates in many events, all across Europe and beyond, to promote democracy, equality and culture beyond the nation state. Our events include conferences, open debates, assemblies, festivals, book presentations, and much more. Check out if we are coming to your city or town and come to meet us!

Paris July
9th 2014
EA Event

Tax evasion and financial criminality in Europe: new forms of fraud, new social struggles

EA Event

July 9th at 13:00h at MAS Paris 10 Rue des Terres au Curé, 75013
This event is part of the project ‘Tackling Illegal Economy (TIE)’ which is aimed at promoting confiscation and recovery of the proceeds of crime, as one of the most important transnational tools for the fight against financial and economic crime.…
Rome November
15th 2014
EA Event

Transnational Dialogues @MAXXI

EA Event

November 15th at 15:00h at MAXXI Museum
SATURDAY 15 NOVEMBER 15:00-16:00 @ Gallery 2/3 “Who is…”, Performance by Zhou Bin (artist, Chengdu) 16:00-17:00 @ Gallery 2 “Change Utopia!”, Presentation of the Transnational Dialogues Journal 2014 with Luigi Galimberti (coordinator, Transnational Dialogues) “Festina Lente”, Performance-Dialogue with You Mi…