European essay competition among high school students: Europe, my future!

The Dutch group of European Alternatives (EA) and SEC would like to invite national centres to organize a national essay competition Europe, my future among high school students/students under 25 years.

The essay competition implies that the participating countries organize the competition themselves and simultaneously.

The winning essay in each country will be published in a magazine of the country concerned including some (translated) summaries of other winning essays from other countries.

Finally the winners of each country will be invited to present their ideas and/or join a public discussion on ‘Europe in the 21st century’ at one or more events organised by EA.

The jury in each country could consist of a publisher, member of EA and/or SEC, university professor, authors, etc.

The idea is that every participating student can write their essay in his/her mother tongue and the outcome of the competition will be the beginning of a new transnational dialogue. We are curious how other EA groups feel about this idea and are very looking forward to your reaction.