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Home / Resources / News / European Citizen’s Initiative on media freedom at EU Parliament

European Citizen’s Initiative on media freedom at EU Parliament

In 2014 European Alternatives ran a European Citizens’ Initiative on media freedom, collecting 200,000 signatures across the EU, demanding better European policy to protect the freedom of information.

Media FreedomWe have mobilised thousands of activists, NGOs and citizens’ movements from across Europe in a common transnational campaign. The campaign led to the establishment of the European Media Initiative, an international NGO based in Brussels and continuing the work of our campaign.

On March 31st we are organising a policy seminar in the European Parliament to urge MEPs to push for the full implementation of the Media Pluralism Monitor, a monitoring tool that would empower European institutions to issue warnings on those countries where media freedom is most at risk.
The event is hosted by Claude Moraes, Chair of the Civil Liberties Committee, and Silvia Costa, Chair of the Education Committee.