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Home / Resources / News / European Alternatives supports Macao, new occupied arts center in Milan

European Alternatives supports Macao, new occupied arts center in Milan

On saturday May the 5th many citizens and workers in the fields of arts, entertainment and culture entered and occupied the tower Galfa, in order to create Macao, the new arts center in Milan.European Alternatives supports Macao and joins this appeal against the threat of eviction.
Macao belongs to everyone, let’s protect it!

The tower is owned by Fondiaria Sai whose honorary reference is Ligresti. The tower is located in a historic office skyscraper in the centrum of Milan, which has been left abandoned for more than fifteen years.

In an extraordinary way, the creation of a new space for arts involved thousands of people, that since one week are working hard to make this space livable and visible.

A lot of us every day come to Macao and experience the sharing of purposes and vision, which is letting emerge a brand new perspective about the creation of an arts and culture center in the city.

We are receiving numerous requests, by academies, universities and intellectuals that want to participate to this project in Macao, by sharing their knowledge, providing their own means of production, carrying whole classes and workshops in a space that, increasingly, is emerging as an ultimate imaginable situation of beauty and cultural enrichment.

We believe that this process of participation that we are all living with wonder and enthusiasm can really represent the birth of a new perspective and a way to rethink the culture, especially during these times in which, too often, culture itself is considered as something relegated to secondary importance, because of a generalized crisis that keeps preventing us from imagining a future truly full of chances. We, instead, believe that Macao is showing, with strength, tenacity and vision, another concept of thinking about power relations and another way of understanding life times. All this is contagious.

That said, the threat of imminent eviction is very heavy and we should not leave this wonderful process in the hands of the logic of police repression.


Send an email to to sign the call of support