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Carolynn Most

Carolynn is one of the candidates standing for elections as member representatives of the Transeuropa Network. Find out more about who she is and why she stands as a candidate. Elections will take place from October 7th to 14th: sign up to vote!

Name:  Carolynn Most (C.Most)
Founder of  The Cultural Compass Institute
Dedicated to Good Works & Good Neighborly Relations
Published author of ‘The Cultural Compass Guide to Navigating a Life You Love’ , 2010
Coordinator for 2011 TransEuro Fest – Prague Events
Moderator & content coordinator for Prague’s Sustainable Communities panel discussion
Helped to organize & publicize TransEuropa 2011
I have long considered myself a global citizen and my work has reflected an effort to close cultural, economic & social gaps thru proprietary training programs The CCI offers as well as the many Arts & Music events we have organized and/or hosted.
When I was asked to come onboard with the TransEuropa Festival in February I found an immediate alliance with their mission and compliment with the work I have been doing for the past 20 years. The platform of a simultaneous festival in 12 cities focused on effecting positive change for citizens across Europe is an opportunity like none I have seen since the LIVE EARTH concerts. The strength for this type of work today is in the partnerships.
The Citizen Wish List Project was launched during the Festival as a tool for engagement.  It is a social experiment to engage the citizen body of each country, not just across Europe, but globally, in a single conversation about what we want, what’s working and for sharing good ideas about improving quality of life issues. CWL will continue thru 2015.  I hope with a successful candidacy to represent EA Network it will prove a valuable tool. The conversation begins HERE:
We in Prague, are already planning very exciting events for the next festival. My personal hope is to realize a large scale video projection project in all festival cities centered on the festival themes. I have been cooperating with some extremely talented video mappers from all over Europe for the past several months to make this happen. Keep posted. As representative, this would happen much faster.
I bring not only vast experience working across cultures, but also marketing and economic development expertise to lend to TransEuropa Netowrk. Please check me out online – Twitter, FB, Myspace or Linkedin according to my name C.Most (Carolynn) or Cultural Compass. Thank you. We are can do more great work together!