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Home / Resources / News / Call for Interest: Bring the Opening of TRANSEUROPA Festival 2015 to your city!

Call for Interest: Bring the Opening of TRANSEUROPA Festival 2015 to your city!


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Please note: this call is open to EA members only!

This year TRANSEUROPA Festival #Beyond Fragments will take place mostly in Belgrade, Serbia between the 1st and the 5th of October. The Festival will therefore be a bit different from previous years but it will still be strongly transnational!

The Opening of TRANSEUROPA Festival will be its main transnational event, taking place simultaneously in several European cities. Which ones? Up to YOU!

The Opening of TRANSEUROPA Festival will be co-created between an artists collective (being selected) and you!

The Opening will be an urban game that offers a reflection on the theme of going beyond fragmentations in Europe. In each city, the realisation of the game (and its success) will depend on you, the collective will come up as a support and co-conceptor of the game!

The opening will potentially take place on the 19th or the 26th of September 2015 so as to allow those who would like to make their way to Belgrade for the Festival there through a fun Mobility Challenge (more to come on that soon!)

How do I take part?

1/ send us an email ( expressing your motivation to bring the Opening to your city before MAY 28. Tell us why you are interested and how you think you can organise it (do you have time, friends, a local group, contacts from previous festival years?)

2/ Inform us about your availability to travel on June 18-21. To create the Opening in a transnational manner, there will be several steps. One of them is a transnational meeting to be held in Berlin in June 18-21. We’ll be able to invite up to 6 people to Berlin for an interactive workshop with on the Festival opening and more general discussions about TRANSEUROPA Festival.

If you are not available on that week-end or if we cannot bring all those interested and available to Berlin for funding reasons, it is by no way a no-go, we’ll organise another way for people to dialogue on the Opening event with the other teams to make sure all those who want to can join (through an online discussion tool – probably with regular online meetings between now and the Festival)!

Looking forward to reading your emails and being in touch with you!