Call for freelance feminist communications services

The Horizon Europe project FIERCE  is centred on the study of discourses, actions, and democratic initiatives of feminist movements and organizations. Its goal is to analyse their impact on institutions and policies and to develop joint initiatives to strengthen democracy in Europe. This comes at a historical moment marked by the rise of anti-gender, populist, and far-right/conservative political forces. Following a participatory approach, the project intertwines research with the implementation of a series of concrete activities involving feminist movements and actors.

FIERCE seeks to launch campaigning activity in seven prioritised thematic areas:
1. Combating anti-gender movements & consolidating a European feminist network.
2. Reproductive and sexual rights as a human right in Europe.
3. Foreign policies in war/conflict times.
4. LGBTQIA+ rights.

The FIERCE project wishes to hire a communication agency or an individual professional with relevant
expertise, to support the conclusion of the campaign design and implementation.

For more details and to apply,  read the terms of reference here.

The deadline for proposals is 22 March 2024.