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Home / Resources / News / Call for Contributions: “Co-Creation: Challenging Boundaries Conference”

Call for Contributions: “Co-Creation: Challenging Boundaries Conference”

Photo: Ruses and Refusals, 2019, Madison Bycroft © Luca Girardini




Oxford Brookes University

12-13 September 2022

Submission Deadline: 30th June 2022


Call for Contribution

To mark the end of a four year EU project on Co-Creation in marginalised urban areas, the School of the Built Environment at Oxford Brookes University is organising a two-day interdisciplinary conference to explore the possibilities and limitations of Co-Creation as a concept, method, and policy tool in breaking down boundaries between different parts of the city, between different groups within cities, between different parts of the world, between disciplines and between different practices.

We are looking for contributions which explore the varied and contested aspects of Co-Creation, including:

  • Defining and Redefining Co-Creation
  • Using Co-Creation to challenge barriers of stigmatisation and marginalisation in cities
  • Co-Creation; Co-option or Empowerment?
  • Co-Creation in the global ‘North’ and ‘South’
  • Co-Creation Inside and Outside the State
  • Co-Creation and research; challenging university/community boundaries
  • “Postcards from….” City and Community Stories on Co-Creation
  • (Co)-Creative methods and practices

We welcome contributions in a variety of formats, including papers, presentations, videos, performances, workshops and alternative formats. Please submit your abstract (deadline 30th June 2022) to Dr. M. Reza Shirazi ( and include title, author and affiliation, contact information, abstract (max 300 words), and up to 5 key words.

The conference is free. The organisers will support the travel and accommodation of one early career researcher and one community-based artist or urban practitioner.

****Download the full call as a pdf here****



Photo: Ruses and Refusals, 2019, Madison Bycroft © Luca Girardini