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Call for applications – Room to Bloom Festival

Room to Bloom Festival will take place next 1-4 November 2022 in Malmö, Sweden on the theme: Celebrating Postcolonial and Ecofeminist Art & Activism. Check out the conditions to apply and participate!

Following the artists gatherings organised by Room to Bloom programme in Athens, Palermo, Kyiv and online, we are now launching an open invitation to participate in the Room to Bloom Festival that will take place at STPLN in Malmö, Sweden on 1 – 4 November.

We aspire to have a collective moment for artists and cultural professionals to network, exchange and showcase their work in Sweden’s diversity capital, Malmö.

Festival programme includes:

  • Artists-led workshops
  • Artistic Performance
  • Artists Talks & Screenings
  • Networking sessions
  • Music event
  • Tombola
  • Other activities proposed by our participants


Tuesday 1 November Arrival of artists

Networking and getting to know each other


Wednesday 2 November Morning: artists-led workshops


Afternoon: artists-led workshops

Free evening in Malmö

Thursday 3 November Morning: artists-led workshops


Afternoon: Artists talks and screenings

Evening: Dinner + Public event

Friday 4 November Morning: planning the future of Room to Bloom community


Afternoon: Departure

The detailed programme will be published after the call for participation is closed.

Who can participate? 

  • Room to Bloom Community Members (priority will be given)
  • Sweden-based artists
  • Artists from the MENA Region (Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia).

Priority will be given to:

  • Community members who did not participate in Athens and Palermo events
  • Community members who have not received support / exhibited in the context of the Room to Bloom programme
  • Women and non-binary artists from migrant background

Total number of participants selected through this call: 40-45


Travel grant

For artists travelling from Europe: 280 EUR max.

For artists travelling from the MENA region: 500 EUR max. This does not include the visa cost.

For artists travelling within Sweden to Malmö: 140 EUR max.

Arrival to Malmö: 1 November

Departure from Malmö: 4 or 5 November



Those who need accommodation in Malmö, we are going to accommodate participants in double, triple and quadruple rooms depending on availability.

Language: English


Festival Host

STPLN (pronounced stapeln) is a community maker space and incubator for creative projects. The door is open to all experiences, levels and ages. They have workshops, studios and a co-working space. They work in an inclusive, experimental and sustainable manner with technology, crafts, art and culture. Photo gallery of the venue


Registration Deadline

This call is open until 31 August for Europe-based artists and until 21 August for MENA-based artists.


Any questions?

Primary contact: Rasha Shaaban, World Culture Museum Gothenburg

Secondary contact: Ségolène Pruvot, European Alternatives Paris