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Call for applications: Communication Expert


Call for applications: Communication Expert  

European Alternatives is a transnational citizens’ organisation active throughout Europe to promote democracy, equality and culture beyond the nation state.

We are looking for a communication agency or communication expert to inform and manage our overall communication strategy in 2013. 

Basic roles

The agency or expert would be expected to:

  • Lead a reorganisation of European Alternatives’ website
  • Manage European Alternatives facebook page and coordinate the strategy of all EA’s sister pages (European Alternatives Madrid, Rome, etc.)
  • Manage European Alternatives twitter’s page
  • Produce a series of memes to better communicate EA’s values and stances in an impactful way (at least one a month) 
  • Finally, we are looking for agency or expert able to develop and lead the implementation of innovative and original communication plans in the following areas:

Areas of innovation

European Alternatives is a complex, cross-issue, transnational cultural and political actor active throughout Europe. Main areas needing improvement in communication are:

  • Transeuropa festival, taking place in 15 cities each year, including its website
  • European political campaigns. EA is currently working on a campaign for media pluralism, a campaign on detention centres for migrants, and a campaign on European democracy. 
  • Membership development and increase in membership numbers. EA is a membership organisation with a profund participatory structure enabling members to inform the work of the organisation and elect its board of directors. The development of a growing and engaged membership base is conceived by the organisation as an ongoing political and communication campaign. 

Transnational Dimension

European Alternatives is a transnational actor active throughout Europe and operating in a multiplicity of languges. While we recognise that no agency or expert will be able to master a majority of European langauges, we are looking for an agency or expert capable of:

  • Speaking multiple languages fluently
  • Understanding the European political context and being able to tweak communication messages to address specificities in different European countries when necessary
  • Develop a plan to best involve European Alternatives’ wide network of local groups and individual members, empowering and coordinating them in taking ownership of local communication and relay of central communication messages in their local language / context


Selection process: first step

Agencies or individuals interested in applying are invited to send:

  • A CV in case of an individual expert; a presentation of the company and CVs of staff planned to be assigned to the action in case of agencies
  • A portfolio of previous work conducted / clients
  • A brief concept note of not more than one page in length outlining the direction a communication plan for European Alternatives should take

Documentation should be sent by November 4th to: with “Communication Expert” in the subject line. 


Selection process: second step 

We foresee the selected agency or expert undergoing a first period of structured consultation with key stakeholders of EA, staff members, and a selection of members of European Alternatives to understand the needs of the organisation and its cultural and political direction and make-up. 

Following this consultation, and on the basis of agreed budget figures (estimated at between €7000 and €12,000 for one year), we foresee the agency or expert making a detailed proposal for the overall management of EA’s communication strategy, including proposals for innovative communication tools and strategies in each of the three areas presented above. 

This procedure will be conducted with a single agency or expert, and we foresee it leading to commissioning the implementation of the draft plan presented. Should the proposal not be deemed satisfactory and rejected, however, the agency or expert will receive €500 in reimbursement for the work put in during the consultation and plan-development phase.