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Home / Resources / News / Call for application! Join our China-EU project

Call for application! Join our China-EU project

Within the European Alternatives’ China-EU Project, a 10-day tour across the towns of Beijing, Shanghai and Chongqing will take place in late September – early October. Artists, curators and researchers from China and Europe engage in a research and production trip to map innovative cultural practices, foster new and existing relationships, document and work towards a sustainable continuation of exchange between cultural innovators in Europe and China. The three main issues that will be tackled are: practices of the commons; independents spaces of cultural and artistic production in China; education through art.
We are now accepting application from perspective participants (e.g., artists, curators, researchers, art critics, writers, theorists, managers of art spaces or other creatives) that are willing to join the tour. In addition to their resume, the participants should provide a brief motivational letter, proving their interest and experience in the issues that will be tackled, as well as how they think they may contribute to the tour. The applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.
EA will cover the travel costs (i.e., the return flight from Europe to China), while the participants have to take care of the other expenses (e.g., internal transfers, accommodation, food), which could be estimated at around €900 for the whole trip. In order to request the programme or for more information, write to:
This is an amazing opportunity for those interested in confronting their views and experiences with a qualified group of Chinese artists, curators and researchers, who could provide the former with insights on the Chinese context and on possible ways of interaction with that of Europe.