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Home / Resources / News / Blockupy: A European OXI

Blockupy: A European OXI

logo_Blockupy_OXIThe Frankfurt based anti-austerity movement Blockupy has issued a Europe-wide call to action. Blockupy is urging people across the continent to build on the recent Greek ‘Oxi’ vote to say no to crushing austerity policies.

That Greeks overwhelmingly voted ‘no’ to more punitive austerity, only to be forced by the EU to accept more of the same is not only a sign of the need to end these damaging policies, but also the need for a transnational ‘oxi’ against an undemocratic Europe.

“[O]ur NO simultaneously is a YES to a radically different kind of Europe, which has nothing to do with the rotten Europe of the powerful oligarchies, but which needs to be rebuilt completely from the bottom.”

Read the petition in full in English or in Italian.