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The Best of European Alternatives in 2016

If you have followed us throughout 2016, you have seen that, together with our network of activists and partners, we have contributed to shift power to the people. In 2016, we have achieved a lot together, and we want to continue doing it next year both at the grassroots and the institutional level.

What we have achieved this year?



1. Strategizing for a more open, equal and democratic Europe

At the end of August, together with 80 activists from all over Europe, we strategized and planned actions to build transnational alternatives to politics as usual at the Campus of European Alternatives. From artists to city representatives, and from journalists to activist networkers, we have developed new collaborations and showed that transnational cooperation is key to overcome the challenges we face in Europe.

2. Talk Real: political and activist voices made visible

Throughout the year, we have brought together political and civil society voices to debate on burning issues in Europe and organised talks at major alternative events. We have run more than 10 episodes and dozens of interviews, covering a range of topics such as Brexit or activism in the Balkans. We also were present at high level events such as the launch of DiEM25 in Berlin and in Rome and gave visibility to major drivers of change in Europe. Besides, at  the end of 2016 we launched a new format for the talk-show that we will continue developing along 2017.

3. Empowering Western Balkans activists and civil society

We have co-organised the EU-Western Balkans Civil Society Forum in Paris and Skopje for more than 100 activists and civil society organisations to have a say in the debate on the future of the Western Balkans. Together they made strong policy recommendations for the future of Europe and for the region which were taken to decision makers.

4. On the way to a network of “rebel” cities in Europe

We have offered our experience of networking throughout Europe to discuss the establishment of an active network of cities with alternative and progressive governments and municipal movements. A cooperation that operates establishing a permanent exchange between innovative local experiences as a mutual learning ground – for instance on recuperating public control over essential services-; and increasing political pressure on national governments and European institutions. To do so, during the last months we have been establishing contacts and bringing together some of these inspiring experiences in a series of public events in MessinaRome, or Marghera.

Before the year ends, we want to thank all those who have been with us cooperating, defending and constructing our idea of European citizenship, alternative media platforms, open institutions, and an economy based on the commons.

2017 will arrive with new opportunities to experiment on new spaces and with new narratives, different practices of plurality. We need to take a step forward, think and act on a plurality of impulses for a possible transformation. This can be the year, join us!