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Home / Resources / News / We are more! Sign the manifesto to support culture in Europe.

We are more! Sign the manifesto to support culture in Europe.

While national governments are cutting back on funding for culture, the European Commission has decided to invest in it. For the new budget of 2014 – 2020, the EC proposed a significant increase in the available subsidies. The proposal is now with the Council and the Parliament and it is quite likely that they will decide to lower the proposed budget. 

European Alternatives supports the demand of the European Commission to allocate more funding to culture. Act for Culture and the European Cultural Foundation have started the We are more campaign. With this daring proposal the European Commission shows us that We are more. We are more than consumers. We are citizens, creatives, intellectuals or looking for happiness. Support for culture shows that people share more than just economic interests.

Like European Alternatives, please sign the manifesto to support the campaign.

What else can you do?

Tweet, facebook and email all your friends! On the website of the campaign you can download communication materials. You can add a signature to your email or hang up a poster in your window.